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Advantage of Hongrun Coal Slime Dryer

Hongrun coal slime dryer production line adopts low-temperature four grades drying dehydration process. It has the follows advantages:

1. Operating parameters can be changed depending on the material properties. It makes the material form a stable full section materials curtain in dryer cylinder and mass and heat exchange fully.
2. Large handling capacity, low fuel consumption and cost.
3. New type feeding and discharging devices eliminate blocking, returning, discontinuous and uneven of materials in cylinder dryer, reduce load of dust pelletizing system.
4. Downstream drying. Feed smoke and wet material into dryer on the same side. High evaporation intensity will be get from high temperature flue gas. Low temperature in outlet of dryer and high thermal efficiency.
5. New type internal structure strengthens cleaning and heat conduction of dispersed materials, and eliminates adhesions on inner wall of cylinder. It is more adaptable for moisture and stickiness of materials.
6. Product particle size and moisture content can be controlled according to users’ requirements. Moisture of dried coal slime can be less 8%, and particle size can be smaller than 8mm.
7. Self-aligning riding wheel device makes riding wheel and rolling ring linear contact forever, thereby greatly reduce wear and power loss.
8. Dryer for coal slime greatly reduces wear of riding wheel, make cylinder operate smooth and reliably.
9. Simple and convenient operation. Operators can operate after simple training.
10. Firm sealing, dustproof, convenient maintenance.
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