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Gongyi Hongrun Machinery Factory is a cooperate enterprise which collects scientific research, production and sales. It was founded in 1963 and produces baking and drying equipments containing drying machine, dryer, coal slurry dryer, lignite dryer desulfurization gypsum dryer, covering coal dryer and compound fertilizer dryer production line etc.


After decades of research, development, manufacturing process, our factory production equipments have the advantages include reasonable design, convenient operation, high efficiency and energy saving. We provide modern management system, advanced technology manufacturing, quality control equipment, well-trained employees and high quality service system to each customer. We also can provide users with project design, process design, standard and non-standard product design and production. We take care of you from the beginning to the end. Hongrun Machinery Factory holds the service philosophy all along that whole-heatedness, all-out, all the time, customer's requirements are our vocation.

  The products we produced are:

 Dryer series
1. Lignite dryer
2. Bentonite dryer
3. Desulfurization gypsum dryer
4. Fly ash dryer
5. Fly ash dryer
6. Gypsum dryer
7. Coal dryer
8. Coal slim dryer
9. Cylinder dryer
10. Sand dryer
11. Two-stage crusher
12. Orchid carbon dryer

Dryer equipment
1. Drum granulator
2. Sack filling machine/bagging machine
3. Broken feeder
4. Drum screen
5. Small granulating disc
6. Granulating disc
7. Disc mixer
8. Feeding machine
9. Envelop machine
10. Cooling machine

Typical drying equipment production line
1. Lignite drying production line
2. Biological compound fertilizer production line
3. Coal slim drying machine production line


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