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Gypsum Dryer



Product Description:
Gypsum is a kind of mineral and the main chemical composition is calcium sulfate.Currently, the problem of chemical resources shortage is more and more serious with the rapid development of industrial civilization; therefore, gypsum dryer is made in order to recycle gypsum. The gypsum dryer produced by Hongrun Machinery Factory is a kind of environmental protection machinery with the high level mechanization which is mainly used in architectural and medical industry.

The wet plaster will convey to the feed hopper by the roller conveyor beltin the drying process. Feed hopper directly connected with drying drum, thus the wet plaster will move from the feed hopper to the drying drum, then contacting with the heat flow in drying drum and starting the whole gypsum drying process.

Working Principle:
The whole gypsum drying process can be divided into three parts. Firstly, wet plaster contacts with the internal heat flow in drying drum. The gypsum moisture can be evaporated by using of the temperature difference between the heat flow and the wet plaster. Secondly, a lifting board is set in the internal drying drum which not only can move the gypsum constantly, at the same time, the gypsum can fully contact with the heat flow and thereby the heat exchange can be proceed more rapidly and fully between heat flow and gypsum. Thirdly, the cleaning device is installed inside of the drum. It is used for clean the agglomerations and materials which adhesive in the lining of the cylinderin order to prevent the jam in the drying process.

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