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Lignite Drying Production Line


Product Technical Parameters:
1. Dryer cylinder: Using Q235 material, 18mm standard plate to produce the dryer cylinder. Both the lift type raising plate and guide plate are 6mm thick and made by the steel plate.
2. Large gear: Φ2.8m; Tooth Width: 250mm; Module: 16,Material: 45# cast steel.
3. Pinion: Φ380mm; Tooth Width 280m; Module: 16; Material: 45# cast steel.
4. Rolling Ring:Φ2.48m; Width: 150mm; Thickness: 130mm; 45# cast steel.
5. Base Idlers:Φ380mm; Width: 190mm; Heavy duty idler; Material: 45# cast steel; Cast iron bearing box; Weight: 60Kg/ base Idler.
6. Reducer: GB ZQ500 type, Type 1 assembly form.
7. Electromotor: GB copper core: 18.5KW.
8. Broken feeding equipment: 0.6×3m; GB ZQ500 type reducer; 22KW adjustable-speed motor.
9. Finished mill: Rotary cut type grinding with GB copper corn 15KW electromotor.
10. Induced air equipment: 2 sets of JH type energy saving induced draft fan with total power of 11KW; GB copper corn electromotor.
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