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Semi-coke Dryer



Product Description:
Semi-coke dryer is customized according to properties of semi-coke. Not only can dry middling coal, can also dry chicken and cow manure, sand, etc.
The main parts of semi-coke dryer are: cylinder, front roll ring, rear roll ring, gear, blocking idler, carrying idler, pinion, discharging device, lifter blade, reducer, motor, hot air duct , feeding chute, furnace, etc.
Working Principle:
Semi-coke dryer dries semi-coke by air current. Wet semi-coke is feed into feed hopper, then into feeding device through feeding duct. Inclination of feeding duct is greater than natural bevel of materials, make sure the material inflow dryer smooth. During wet semi-coke moves forward in cylinder, it is dried by high temperature air current. Lifting plate in cylinder makes contact between material and hot air current and the time they stay in dryer cylinder increased. Dried semi-coke is transported out by discharging device. 
1. New type feeding and discharging devices eliminate blocking, returning, discontinuous and uneven of materials in cylinder dryer, reduce load of dust pelletizing system.
2. Self-aligning riding wheel device makes riding wheel and rolling ring linear contact forever, thereby greatly reduce wear and power loss.
3. PLC intelligent electric control system makes materials parameters more accurate.
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