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Fly ash dryer


The fly ash dryer produced by Gong Yi  Hongrun  Machinery Factory with energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection characteristics.
Fly ash dryer system operation principle:
Wet fly ashes enter into three layers of the lining of the drum by feed device and realize the downstream drying.
Fly ashes are broken after enter into horizontal rotary cutter, then the broken materials into drying cylinder, and the cylinder has many lifting boards which arrange for helically. Wet fly ashes are finished heat exchange according to the lifting boards up and down constantly inside of the layer. Then, the materials move to the middle layer to conduct the countercurrent drying, in the middle layer, the materials constantly repeated up and down, fully absorb heat from the inside and middle of the layer, and extended the drying time. Materials achieve to the best dry state at present. Lastly, materials step to the other side of the middle layer and fall into the outer layer, which are proceeded in a rectangular shape multi loop way in the inside of the outer cylinder. The materials which achieved the drying effect will discharge to the drum with the influence of the hot wind and which are not achieved the drying effect will be fully dried in the rectangular lifting boards. After complete the drying process, all the materials will be discharged from the hole, and the moisture dust will be collected by the dust removal equipment.

Compared with the other drying equipment, the fly ash dryer has bigger production capacity, can operate continuously; simple structure, easy to operate; less faulty, low maintenance cost; wide applicable scope, small fluid resistance, it also can be used to dry makings shape material and clean easily etc.

Process Flow
Cyclone dust extractor →sack-duster → draught fan

Scattered feeding machine → belt conveyor → hopper → feeder conveyer → drying drum →wind conveyer → finished bin

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