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FGD Gypsum Dryer 


Product Description:
The FGD gypsum dryer produced by Hongrun Machinery Factory has reasonable operating parameters with coal consumption and electricity consumption 10-15% lower than the average dryer and production capacity increased by 10-15%. The desulfurization gypsum dryer is mainly composed of rotary body, lifting blade, rotating device, supporting device, seals and other components. The dryer has the advantage of reasonable structure, well-made and high yield, has been widely used in the cement and mineral processing enterprises.Different drying methods should be selected according to different materials during drying process. The gypsum forging is divided into dry method and wet method, and the finished products are α gypsum powder and β gypsum powder. Gypsum production equipments are as follows: Desulfurization gypsum dryer, gypsum ball press machine, continuous wok, inner heating tube rotary kiln, fluidized bed furnace, air forging, sand-stone polish and Peter grinding fluidized bed calciner.

Internal Structure:
In order to ensure the materials' even distribution in the cross section of the drum and contact between dry material and every part of the drying medium, Hongrun  set several lifter blades inside the cylinder. The lifer blades are as follows: raising balde, four format blade, cross or frame-shaped blade, sleeve blade, sub-formats (fan-shaped) blade. 

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