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Coal Dryer


Coal Dryer Profile:
Gongyi Hongrun coal dryer is composed of horizontal cylindrical barrel, discharge duct mounted in a horizontal cylindrical barrel, feeding device, discharging device, the barrel screw means, cleaning means, dial plate, the wind means and transmission components.

The coal dryer is mainly used for high humidity or high hyperviscosity class sludge, slime, sludge, gypsum, manure, etc. It can also be used for the drying of industrial raw materials (phosphorus slag, quartz sand ) which require ultra-dry drying treatment, as well as organic lees, dregs, Marc, straw and feed, sawdust, bio-peat, etc.

Performance Characteristics:
1. High drying efficiency, no steam rewetting of dried material during or after its dehumidification.
2. Energy conservation. In the drying process, the hot air moving forward from the tail, having full contact with the material and take full advantage of heat conduction, convection radiation and heat transfer.
3. The heat is directly transmitted to the material, so that the moisture of the material is constantly being evaporated in the cylinder body. The wind apparatus in the feeding inlet draws out large amount of moisture and wet gas stream and solving the fundamental problem of secondary pollution caused by dust efflux.
4. Handled by the spiral stirring, sweeping out and lifting board, materials are moved fully, avoiding cylinder wall bonding by the high humidity and high bonding materials.
5. Counter-current dewetting, avoid repeat drying process, saving time and labor, less occupied area, low power consumption, energy saving, less investment.

Hongrun Machinery is specialized in manufacturing tail coal dryer, tea-leaf dryer, lignite dryer, coal dryer, coal slime dryer, kaolin dryer, bentonite dryer, sawdust dryer, straw dryer and pomace dryer which is high-energy and low consumption with international advanced leve. 
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