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Two-Stage Crusher

The two-stage crusher, also called double impact crusher, can crush materials like coal gangue, shale, slag, concrete, pebble, iron ore, chalk etc. The crusher has two rotors which are working in series.

1, two rotors, up-and-down two-stage crushing, regrinding materials fully. The hammer take turns to strike the materials inside the machine body,  through the space between the lining board and hammer, crushing the material into the suitable specifications.
2, no sieve plate, no blocking for wet materials. The conventional crusher with sieve plate only can deal with materials whose water content is lower than 8% and can be easily blocked by wet materials whose water content is more than 10%, bring damage to hammers, crushers or motors.
3, two-way clearance adjustment. The material particle size are guaranteed.The hammer can be moved from interior to exterior and the scaleboard can be moved from exterior to interior so there is no need to change the wearing parts.
4, this machine is equipped with two counter weight balance wheels. Operating steadily and saving power more than 20%.5, centralized lubricating system. Convenient lubrication without halting machine.6, hydraulic automatic starting case7, large output, low noise, high efficiency. 

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