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Small Granulator Machine


Small granulator machine adopts Germanic advance technology, all function have achieved European level. The granulator especially to make 2-12mm pellets as biomass fuel, fertilizer or Animal fodder which from wood sawdust, wheat grass, mushroom wastage, stalk ,grass, cotton  seed hull, sludge, waste tires and so on. Granulator machine are extensively used in home, power plant, fireplace, boiler chemical industry. Not only powered by diesel, but also by electric cabinet .It is very convenient.
Small granulator machine is a newest type pellet mill and crusher combined machine. This machine has three parts: material crusher, dust remover machine and pellet machine. These three parts combined together which could highly increase the work efficiency; it could be driven by diesel engine or electric motor. The advantage of this machine is the raw materials don't have to crush before processing, you just need put the raw material into this machine directly, then you can get the feed pellet. The machine can save time, labor and cost. This machine use dust removal device can protect the environment when it is working.

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