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Bagging Machine


Product Description:
The bagging machine produced by Hongrun Machinery Factory is consist of automatic weighing device, transmission device, sack closer device and computer control, which with reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, energy saving, convenient operation and precision weighing.

The host uses three different feeding speeds that can be divided into slow, medium and fast; special feeding screw structure; advanced digital frequency conversion technology, sample processing technology, anti-interference technology and finally realize the automatic error compensation and correction.

The bagging machine is used for portion packing and applicable to loose non-adhesive particles and powder materials in the industries such as food, condiment, pesticide, feed, enzyme preparation, Chinese medicine, desiccant, soup base and chemical etc. (e.g: rice, wheat, plastic particles, potassium chloride, magnesium sulfate, compound fertilizer, organic fertilizer, BB fertilizer, refractory materials, etc.
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